The Strength of Women

women are stronger
than they’re given credit for
they can move the world




we often pass but never speak
sometimes i glance and note small things
that book you grasped as you walked by
i’ve read at least a dozen times
your voice, too, is hushed like mine
reserved for reading between the lines
once i think, you smiled at me
a smirk that hinted wittingly
you wander halls that i know well
it’s a shame our lives run para||el
i fear our paths will never cross
yet knowing you has been enough


the lies They tell us

when were young
we were told to dream
that we could have anything

now we’re grown
still chasing that dream
and they’re tellin’ us to choose anything
because something
is better than nothing
and nothing will leave you with just that

tell me
who decided that adulthood means you’re too big to imagine
if you haven’t yet, then you’re a has been
if you haven’t started, then you can’t win
that it’s too late to begin

well, it’s a good thing
I don’t believe them


wait for it.


wait for iiiit

waaaaaaait for it…

just kidding


wait and you just might miss it
grab onto this life with everything you have
and live it
the road ahead’s farther than you could spit
the untold story longer than anything you’ve ever writ
so give it all you can
run until you can’t
create with your two hands
become greater than your plans
why sit when you can take a stand?
be stronger than
be better than
be wiser than
don’t leave the doing to someone else
feel greater than you’ve ever felt
write the narrative that you’d want to tell


don’t wait for it.

just go…