A Case of the Mondays

I’ve got a case of the Mondays
the zipper pull’s broken
and the handles are worn
the outside’s all battered,
beaten, and torn
it’s overflowing with last week’s messy mass of massive mess
an unintelligible pile of procrastination, oversight, and stress
care to try and tackle it?
care to take it off my hands?
here, I’ll give it to you free of charge
with a handful of half-baked plans
don’t you want? – oh? you’ve got your own.
well then, here’s to us as we undertake another Monday to bemoan


Apologies, was off the grid for a couple days and missed those NPM posts, will do my best to push for a daily dose of poetry for the rest of the month. Hope everyone’s having an awesome April and overcoming those Mondays, one day at a time (;

the unsent letter

Dear _________,

Stop wishing, start doing.
Stop sitting, start moving.
Get out. And leave regret at the door.
Talk is cheap; create something of real value.
Fears from now, I want you to look back.
Tears from now, I want you to look back.
Years from now, I want you to look back. At all of this.
The things you set out to do. And did.
The adversity and failures. The victories among them.
The impact you made. The people you changed. The love you fostered.
The life.



livin’ life on the fast track
cruisin’ like I got nothin’ to lose
too much weight to fill these two shoes
take me higher, I’m a frequent flyer

got everything I need a shoulder bag
too many thoughts between the spaces
too little time to see all these places
take me higher, I’m a frequent flyer

sound mind
pushin’ forward on this forward grind
too many people passin’ by
too many things still left to try
take me higher, I’m a frequent flyer

eyes wide
catch me runnin’ on the other side
don’t look back ’cause there’s nothin’ to find
promise you, I’m leavin’ nothin’ behind
take me higher, I’m a frequent flyer