Generation Y

Photo Prompt by Alexandre Boucher

we are the entangled and distracted– the generation of quick fucks and snap shots, ghosting, and tactless thoughts

we’ve forgotten what it means to savor, and be present… to be patient, that time wasted isn’t the same as time spent

we’re moving too fast to settle; we’re leaving before we wait, and while instant is great, it is fleeting– I wanna live before it’s too late



Three Line Tales, Week One Hundred and Seventeen


TLT Week 45: Darkroom

Photo Prompt by Grant McCurdy

He’d always loved photography; the way you you could invite viewers to see life through your lens, see the world in a way others have missed.

He didn’t believe in “picture perfect” moments, but rather that perfection could be found in every moment- it only takes a trained eye to capture it just right.

Something’s not right, he thought as the panic began to set in with the slow realization that the flash hadn’t come from his camera… and darkness descended like a blanket over his peripherals.



Three Line Tales, Week Forty-Five

TLT Week 26: Ephemeral Lifetimes

Photo Prompt by Maher El Aridi

The night we returned, stars spilled across the deep blue blanket of sky like a handful of glitter – a million little celestial lives whose mortality had already come to pass.

Where only few footprints still treaded softly upon the earth, our tepees stood erect and vigilant against the darkness; illuminated lanterns guiding our souls back to camp.

In this place, where dusk meets ground, the cardinal directions are hardly distinguishable and the horizon becomes an infinite space for possibility – at least until dawn breaks the illusion.

Three Line Tales, Week Twenty-Six

TLT Week 24: Midnight Sun and Polar Night

I feel like I’ve been groping around in the dark lately, searching for that spark of inspiration. It sometimes helps when I’m prompted to get the creative juices flowing again. I stumbled upon Week Twenty-Four of Three Line Tales on the Reader today and felt the urge to take part. I thought I’d give it a try, for kicks.

Photo Prompt by Emiel Molenaar

The (Winter and Summer) Solstice – the longest (and shortest) day of the year, depending on how you flipped it, and boy was I about to flip it; I’m going to make the two opposites collide in a way that no one, magician, beast, or mortal, has ever seen.

There it was, parked, exactly where I’d anticipated it’d be, looking like nothing more than an ordinary, overworked, rust red-painted, farm-tilling tractor -nothing even remotely conspicuous- halted on a patch of green, beneath the unsuspecting sky.

My mind buzzed as my fingers tingled in anticipation, I could feel the energy radiating from the tips as I began my approach, mouthing the words carefully as I rehearsed the spell in my head – today, I will change my, and potentially everyone else’s, world irrevocably… I hope.