the climb

this is it
the moment we’ve been waiting for
preparing for
working for
then why
does reaching the top feel like starting at the bottom
the sky isn’t much clearer up here
maybe we’re not as far as we thought
we were wrong to believe our baggage would be forgotten in the climb
it’s time to unpack



something greater

i believe in life after death because though i can no longer see you
your presence still lingers here
my father’s cooking is seasoned with your hand
and food still brings our family together
in the folds of my memories
i’m struggling to hold on to the moments that brought us joy
because i fear the passing time weaves fabrication into our truths
and that one day all i’ll have left will be fairy tales to keep me warm
there must be something greater than all that is here
because the prayers i send out are destined for somewhere
so just as i trust in every day’s pink-peach dawn
i hold a candle of hope for some great beyond



the passion in your voice
the slight curve of your smile
the glimpse of the soul behind your eyes
the way you look at me
like we’re the only two people inhabiting this planet,
and nothing else even comes close to mattering

the most obvious things aren’t always the most Notable
and the most notable aren’t always obvious
but enchantment is found in discovery


Generation Y

Photo Prompt by Alexandre Boucher

we are the entangled and distracted– the generation of quick fucks and snap shots, ghosting, and tactless thoughts

we’ve forgotten what it means to savor, and be present… to be patient, that time wasted isn’t the same as time spent

we’re moving too fast to settle; we’re leaving before we wait, and while instant is great, it is fleeting– I wanna live before it’s too late



Three Line Tales, Week One Hundred and Seventeen