The Beast

the beast that dwells within us all
chained inside against cerebral wall
it claws at flesh and bares its teeth
simply waiting for release

the voice that whispers, never speaks
reminds us when it’s time to feed
this primal hunger gnaws and lusts
defies the lies of social construct

with gruesome form and haunting eyes
it’s starving to be pacified
to acquiesce is not defeat
but awareness of where fear breeds

it bumps and rattles, and shakes our core
perpetually yearning for something more
cannot be broken, silenced, or tamed
only placated where hope remains

caution release, for the thin line it walks
borders the entrance to Pandora’s box
to ignore the yearning could incite the unthinkable
as humanity rests just above hell’s pinnacle

this is the beast that dwells within

that struggles for power amidst the din

that awakens to reality, paper thin

startling truth of ephemeral being ‘neath corporeal skin

of returning to a place we’ve already been

the weight of sagacity – in ending where we begin


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