WPC: From Way Up Here


I’m both sarcastically sardonic and sardonically sarcastic, which means my glass is neither half full nor half empty, it’s filled just as it is, often with a slight exaggeration in either direction, but never an exact division. I’m what I like to call a realist, which my friends and colleagues will argue is a euphemism for the adamant denial of my pessimistic nature. I politely disagree. (Read as: NOT EVEN.)

On a slightly more serious note -as serious as you can take someone who’s just admitted to a lifestyle of practiced derision- whenever I find my mind convoluted with an inundation of untamable thoughts, I remind myself that I’m but an undefinable speck in the grand scheme of this great universe. Sometimes it requires taking a step back and seeing the ‘big picture’ to really get a grip on reality. This week’s photo challenge, Optimistic, speaks to the side of me that I have difficulty embracing. This photo, that I took, thousands of miles above ground, cruising over cloud cover, is one that defines optimism for me. From here, life’s problems aren’t all that daunting. From here, we can see the forest for the trees. Everything looks better from way up here.


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