WPC: One Tambon One Product


ขนมเปี๊ยะ (kanom pia) is one of the many OTOP products that is representative of Singburi Province, Thailand. Made from coconut milk and cassava starch, these sweet, flaky desserts are reminiscent of Chinese mooncake. This particular batch of tasty treats was made in my host mother’s kitchen by a group of women from our village. I chose this photo for this week’s photo challenge theme: Circle, not only because of kanom pia’s globular shape, but because the very creation of this dessert represents a cycle of a community giving back to itself. From hands to ovens to sales to profit, every step of the production process is done by the community for the community – local entrepreneurship at its best.

“If you give me a fish, you have fed me for a day. If you teach me to fish, then you have fed me until the river is contaminated or the shoreline seized for development. But if you teach me how to organize, then whatever the challenge I can join together with my peers and we will fashion our own solution.”

-Ricardo Levins Morales


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