A Play On Words

Act I.
Discomfort reigns
Ineffable pains
Washed away with last night’s rains

Passing days
The mourning phase
Consciousness trapped in a daze

Opened eyes to what was seen
To what will be and what has been
Regret hangs heavy in this scene

Emptiness here
Not a single tear
Nothing left to see nor hear

Act II.
Stuggle so real
Scream to feel
Morphed reality becomes surreal

Bleeding red
Voices in head
Thoughts run amok and beg to be read

Invectives like steel
Break to feel
No possessions left to steal

Down to one
Subtract from sum
The enemies have all but won

Act III.
Too many stares
An infinity of burning glares
Release is just beyond the stairs

Left or right
Loss of fight
No strength remains to stop and write

Overpriced fare
On the road to nowhere
Life was never all that fair

Last breath of air
Not a soul to care
These words will die without an heir



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