Where do we go from here?

The last time I looked you were staring straight at me

I may be near-sighted,
but I’m not blind

If you have something to say,
I’ll willingly give you the time

I’m not a specimen to be gawked at;
We aren’t at the zoo

So tell me,
What is it that I can do for you?

I see the word foreigner
As it takes shape on your lips

But wasn’t everyone once?
Even your ancestors arrived on a ship

So tell me

Was it my tanned skin or black hair
that deserved your unwelcomed stare?

Or the way my English flows like an untamed river

Whatever it be,
it’s okay, I’m a forgiver

In a century where interconnectivity runs deeper than oil

And 5 degrees separate either of us from someone else on unknown soil

It’s sad, isn’t it,
the ignorance that persists

So from here,

let me ask you,
Where do we go?

Perhaps my question’s misdirected
I take it, much like the context of this chance encounter,

you don’t even know



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