Saying What I Mean and Meaning What I Say

I can’t help but think what amazing people I have in my life.

I visited a good friend of my Dad’s on New Year’s Day. They’ve been playing basketball together on Saturdays as far back as I can remember. As soon as we sat down, he (my Dad’s friend) began expressing what a great man he thought my Dad was and how fortunate my sister and I are to have him as a father, among many other kind words. He spoke so highly and so fondly of my Dad, I couldn’t help but be proud. He then proceeded to explain that he believes in telling the important people in his life just how great he thinks they are in front of them because the best words are often spoken of people post-humously and he thinks it’s much more significant to let others know how you feel about them in person. It’s more meaningful that way. Why save the best things you have to say to them when they can no longer hear it?

That conversation got me thinking, as good exchanges do. What a beautiful philosophy. Shouldn’t we tell our loved ones how much they mean to us? And often. Life is unpredictable and we never know when or what our last words to someone will be. Joining this new train of thought with the one involving the contemplation of new year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to make that one of my resolutions for 2015 and beyond. From now on I want to tell those around me how truly wonderful I think they are when I think it. Usually, I’m one to save words of kindness like that for special occasions, such as birthdays or holidays, but when I really think about it, what’s the use in waiting for a “special” day? Every day is what we make of it, after all.


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