The Multi-Capped Mycelium

the mushroom of nutriment

the mushroom of healing

the mushroom of edification

the mushroom of hazard

the mushroom of catastrophe


via Daily Prompt: Mushroom


The Beast

the beast that dwells within us all
chained inside against cerebral wall
it claws at flesh and bares its teeth
simply waiting for release

the voice that whispers, never speaks
reminds us when it’s time to feed
this primal hunger gnaws and lusts
defies the lies of social construct

with gruesome form and haunting eyes
it’s starving to be pacified
to acquiesce is not defeat
but awareness of where fear breeds

it bumps and rattles, and shakes our core
perpetually yearning for something more
cannot be broken, silenced, or tamed
only placated where hope remains

caution release, for the thin line it walks
borders the entrance to Pandora’s box
to ignore the yearning could incite the unthinkable
as humanity rests just above hell’s pinnacle

this is the beast that dwells within

that struggles for power amidst the din

that awakens to reality, paper thin

startling truth of ephemeral being ‘neath corporeal skin

of returning to a place we’ve already been

the weight of sagacity – in ending where we begin

anatomy of you

I see you
the eyes of your soul
the smile in your eyes
the light in your smile
lightly tracing
every inch of you
curvature of skin
skin to skin
interlaced fingers
hand to hold
lips to back
the small of your back
the back of your neck
every bump and scar
crease and fold

I have memorized them all

I know you
familiar warmth
gravitational pull
comfortable silence
the laugh
the whisper
the promise
the voice that calls me home

Fiction Scribbling #2

“Trust me,” she whispered, “if you concentrate hard enough, I know you can do it too.”

“Why do I have to wear this stupid helmet?” Lex asked pointedly.

“‘Cause you’ve never done this before, and I don’t wanna be responsible for your head cracking open should you re-materialize incorrectly” Corey retorted, brushing Lex’s bangs aside and pulling her chin strap tight. Her voice softened,”I’ll talk you through it though, don’t worry. Just listen and do as I say.”

Corey’s fingers lingered a second longer beside Lex’s cheek as she looked into her eyes assuringly. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Lex returned her gaze and smiled, closing her eyes to hone in on Corey’s voice. She concentrated hard, focused only on her breath and being. As she let more and more of herself go, she felt a numbness then a wave of cold wash over her, from outward in, simultaneous with the diffusion of her molecules. Already her material form had more than half dispersed and she could feel herself intermingling easily with the buzz of other particles swirling in the air. It felt so… freeing. She quickly lunged forward, catching Corey by surprise, and pressed her lips softly against Corey’s. A half-smirk lingered as her particles completely dematerialized into the cool air.

The last words Lex heard were, “Let go…”


we say yes when we mean no
we say no thanks when we wanna go
we say I’m fine when we aren’t okay
we say I’m busy when we wanna play
we say How are you? when it really doesn’t matter
we say You look great! when you’ve gotten fatter
we say That’s so interesting when really it isn’t
or Keep in touch! but prefer the distance

humans are the most curious beings
nothing is ever what it seems
why can’t we just say what we really mean?